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It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our cottage.

The arrival time is 17:00  unless you have previously agreed to an early arrival ($).


​This document will provide you with important information about the operation and regulations of the cottage. We invite you to read carefully and share it to your group.



From the exit Saint-Faustin-Lac square located on the 117 (Exit 107)

  1. At the STOP, turn right and continue for 1.3 km on Main Street

  2. Turn left onto Tour-du-Lac

If you miss this street, turn left on rue du Moulin then at the first stop, turn left on the street Tour-du-Lac

Pensez apporter.png


  • - Your beach towel  and washcloths

  • - Your lifejackets

  • - Coffee cup for Keurig K50 machine or regular coffee

  • - Toilet paper, towels, trash bags and additional handkerchiefs, if required.



The 'Key Box' is on the main door. Press the 'Code'. We strongly suggest that you always lock your key in the 'Key Box' when you leave, even for a short period of time. A $ 20.00 fee will be retained for any unreturned key.



Wi-Fi internet unlimited is available in the cottage.

The code is 1234123412

Politique de bruit.png


We have a zero tolerance policy for loud parties.

Noisy and disrespectful behavior toward neighbors, including loud music and / or excessive noise after 22h00, will not be tolerated.

If we receive complaints about the noise and have to move to notify the renter, a fee of $ 100.00 per visit will be charged. It is therefore strongly recommended that the tenant be reachable at all times by telephone.

​After a third visit from the owner or their representative, the tenant will be evicted without refund and a penalty of $500.00 will be deducted from the security deposit to compensate the inconvenienced neighbors.

​If the owner or his representative receives a complaint about the noise from the police department, the tenant will automatically be evicted without refund and a penalty of $500.00 will be deducted from the security deposit to compensate the inconvenienced neighbors. In addition, you will be charge for the fine to the owner.

 We reserve the right to interrupt the rental period (without refund) if such prohibitions are not respected.



  • It is strictly forbidden to take the towels outside

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the cottage at all times. 

  • Pets are not allowed inside or outside.

  • A cleaning fee of $ 350.00 will be retained on the deposit in case of non-respect with the rule on the simple observation of an animal on site or smoking.



You can fit 6 cars in the parking lot.


You cannot park any vehicule on the street. This street is reserved to the residents only. If you do so, you risk to be towed at your own expenses.



We provide 18 white towels per rental.

They are located above the washing machine.  

All lost, soiled or damaged towel will result in a charge of $ 25.00 per towel to the signor of the lease agreement. Bed linen and pillows are provided in the cottage with same conditions.  



It is very important not to place the BBQ near a window - you risk breaking it.


Please leave the empty tank on the balcony. If the two bottles are empty, you can have them exchanged at the village convenience store and send us the invoice.


Note that during the winter season, from November 1st to May 15th, propane is not provided. Please clean the BBQ after use.



Please take out your waste in the bins for this purpose located in the parking lot.


Black Bin = Trash Bin    Green = Recycling


It is important to put everything that is recyclable into recycling.



We ask the tenants to leave the cottage in good condition of cleanliness.


Cleaning costs are included in the price this includes normal cleaning and laundry.


However, additional cleaning hours will be billed to the rental manager at a cost of $ 40.00 / Hour if the place is not left in a good condition of cleanliness.



We hire a company to perform outdoor snow removal as well as mowing the lawn.


This company tries as much as possible to carry out its maintenance outside the periods of stay of our customers.

However, as its elements are subject to mother nature, it is possible that the company performs the maintenance during your stay.


P.S. No lawn mowing will be done during weekends.



Moving furniture or electronic equipment or taking them outside is not permitted.


Replacement breakage or repair of furnishings, floors and walls will be charged to the signor of the lease agreement.



We subscribe to Cogeco Digital. To operate the TV, open it manually and make sure it is on channel 3 or 4.


You can then change the stations using the Cogeco controller (small black lever). For assistance you can reach Cogeco at 1-800-665-3131.

Video surveillance.png


The outdoor areas  are under video surveillance and the tenant accepts that the surveillance cameras record and film the areas where they are installed.

The tapes are reserved for security purposes only and the landlord agrees not to view the tapes unless an incident occurs.



• The hours of use are between 9h00 and 23h00.

• It is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink or eat in the spa.

• The cover must be properly replaced after each use of the spa.  


The cover move with a levage, you do not have to remove the cover you simply “flip” it.

• Above 100 ° F, spa care products become less effective and can cause health risks. The maximum recommended temperature is 100 ° F. The spa is scheduled accordingly before your arrival.

• Please, rinse your body of cream, sand and other dirt before entering the water.

• People with long hair are advised to tie them up or wear a cap.

• Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

• Please respect the maximum capacity: 7 people.

• Please let us know if the water level is low.


• If we find that the Tenant has not used the hot tub properly and in accordance with the instructions, forcing us to proceed with an unusual treatment, a penalty of $ 150.00 (minimum) will be required.



FIREPIT AND FIREPLACE: The camp fire must be extinguished by 22:30. For the indoor fireplace, make sure that the fireplace key is open (vertically).

You can buy wood or buy some at BoniChoix.

A neighbor also offers the purchase of wood on site. About $ 40.00 for 4 cubic feet.


BOATING: No motorized boat on the lake.  Each person must ensure that he or she can safely carry out his / her aquatic activities and the persons for whom he / she is responsible.


You can rent canoes, pedalo, kayaks on site at a cost of $ 20.00 each per day.

Thoses services are initiatives of a neighbor, which makes available to our tenants additional services to meet your needs other than accommodation. If interested, please communicate directly at before your stay.



Departure time is 11h00. It’s very important that you leave the cottage at the time of your reservation.


You will be charged a 25.00$ fee per additional 15 minutes for a late check-out.




  • Close the light

  • Make sure the dishes have been washed and stored. Fee of 25.00$ minimum if the cleaning team have must do your dishes and store it.

  • Place the garbage and recycling in the appropriate bins

  •  Place the TV controls near the respective television

  • Make sure that any fire is turned off

  • Clean the BBQ

  • Secure the exterior doors and windows of the cottage. Leave the key in the same place where you took it.