Check-In: 17h00   Check-Out: 11h00

Any early arrival or late departure will incur costs of $ 25.00 per additional 1/4 hour.

No credit for early departures.


It is however possible to have arrival or departure times at 14H00. if this is agreed in advance *. (Extra of $ 100.00).


* Subject to additional maintenance personnel available. Make your request as soon as possible to be more likely to be able to take advantage of this option.



A non-refundable deposit representing 50% will be required by e-transfer at the site email address:

Final payment must be made one week (7 days) before your reservation, by Interac transfer.

A reminder email will be sent 7 days in advance for the final paiement.


If the tenant does not show up, the remaining amount will be charged to the credit card. For all payments made by credit card, an administration fee of three percent (3%) will be added to the reservation amount.



We will use your credit card as a guarantee. After inspection of the cottage, we reserve the right to charge the card to cover any charges.

We reserve the right to withhold charges on the deposit for:


  • For additional cleaning at a cost of 40.00$/hour

  • For all penalty due to the noise

  • Replacement of missing, damaged or contaminated equipment.

  • Any other problems resulting from your rental

  • Any due payments

  • Any breakage or unusual tretement for misusage of the hot tub



No refund or credit will be made in the event of a cancellation. No changes will be accepted. We assume no responsibility for a reservation cancellation that is linked to weather conditions (road conditions, natural disasters, forest fire, floods, earthquakes, etc.). or an inability to travel (customs, canceled flight, limitation in your territory, etc.)

For any cancellation made 14 days before check-in, total paiment will be requered.

COVID-19: Our cancellation policy will not be changed, even in the present cases: transport interruptions and cancellations; travel warnings and restrictions; health notices and quarantines; changes in applicable law; and other government mandates, such as evacuation orders, border closures and containment requirements. In addition to this, you need to know more about it. In the event that short-term rental is prohibited (complete closure), then a shift in the dates of stay will be proposed, at an equivalent rate. No refund of deposit. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

COVID-19 has been considered a global pandemic by the World Health Organization since mid-March 2020, your reservation being made with full knowledge of the facts.



You must keep the cottage clean.


It is expected that the tenant will return the cottage in the same condition as it is on arrival. He is responsible for storing the rooms, making dishes, replace accessories and furniture before departure as well as placing garbage and recycling (sorted suitably) in the appropriate outdoor containers.


Make sure you do not leave any personal belongings in the cottage (including: trash / garbage, food and empty bottles)


Please do not leave the chalet with white towels, sheets and blankets.



It is important to respect the capacity of occupants of 18 person. 


Tenants who have guests on the property in excess of the preauthorized number are subject to immediate eviction without refund or a $200.00 penalty per night, per guest, at the discretion of the Owner.

Politique de bruit.png



The Tenant agrees to respect reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb the neighbors and residents of the area and to maintain a reasonable level of noise at all times, but especially between 22H00 and 7H00 .

Any violation of this clause will result in an additional charge of $ 250.00, which will be automatically charged to the credit card given at the time of booking, for any inconvenience.


And a recurrence will result in another $ 250.00 surcharge and eviction of all occupants, without any compensation or refund. Take this as your notice.

If the owner or his representative receives a complaint for noise from the police, the tenant will be automatically evicted. In addition, you will have to pay the loaded almond to the owner. (400.00$ to 2,000$)

Municipal Regulation:


The act of making, provoking or inciting to make in any way any noise likely to disturb the peace, tranquility, comfort, rest, well-being of one or more citizens, or prevent the peaceful use of the property in the vicinity, constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited.

2.3.1 The fact of using or allowing to use a loudspeaker or amplifying device outside a building constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited


2.3.2 The fact of using or allowing to use a loudspeaker or amplifying device inside a building so that sounds are projected outside the building constitutes a nuisance and is prohibited;



  • Gatherings such as post-ball parties or others that could be noisy are prohibitedIt is forbidden to install a tent on the ground

  • It is strictly forbidden to take the towels outside

  • Fireworks are prohibited throughout the municipality

  • Motor boats are prohibited on the lake

  • Smoking is not permitted inside the cottage at all times. 

  • Pets are not allowed on site.

A cleaning fee of $ 350.00 will be retained on the deposit in case of non-respect with the rule on the simple observation of an animal on site or smoking.



Through this tenancy agreement, tenants accept the rules governing the said property. We assume no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury caused by bathing, play structures or other equipment made available to tenants.


It is your responsibility to monitor your children at all times.

We assume no responsibility for the loss or theft of personal effects and for interruptions of electricity, water, and cable or satellite service.

We do not assume any responsibility for noise caused by neighbors, constructions, repairs etc., arising out of our property as well as any inconvenience of natural causes not arising from an act of the owner.

Video surveillance.png


The outdoor areas  are under video surveillance and the tenant accepts that the surveillance cameras record and film the areas where they are installed.

The tapes are reserved for security purposes only and the landlord agrees not to view the tapes unless an incident occurs.



• The hours of use are between 7h00 and 23h00.

• It is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink or eat in the spa.

• The cover must be properly replaced after each use of the spa.  


The cover move with a levage, you do not have to remove the cover you simply “flip” it.



• Above 100 ° F, spa care products become less effective and can cause health risks. The maximum recommended temperature is 100 ° F. The spa is scheduled accordingly before your arrival.

• Please, rinse your body of cream, sand and other dirt before entering the water.

• People with long hair are advised to tie them up or wear a cap.

• Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


• Please let us know if the water level is low.


• If we find that the Tenant has not used the hot tub properly and in accordance with the instructions, forcing us to proceed with an unusual treatment, a penalty of $ 150.00 (minimum) will be required.



The tenant has seen the said chalet on the Internet and is fully satisfied with it.


The person responsible for renting the chalet declares that they are 25 years of age and over.


The Tenant agrees to respect reasonable rules of conduct and not to disturb the neighbors and residents of the area and to maintain a reasonable level of noise at all times, but especially between 22h00 and 7h00.

The tenant agrees to replace any part of the property, its furniture, fixtures, installations, movable property and effects that would be damaged or destroyed by similar items of equivalent value.


The tenant agrees to pay any penalty or cost caused by their actions or those of their guests as well as any fine charged to the owner in case of non-compliance with the regulations in force. (Ex: breakage, fines, noise ...)


By reserving this chalet you are responsible for the rental and you agree to publicize and respect the regulations of this agreement.


A Welcome Guide will be sent to you with confirmation of your reservation to allow you to share important information with your guests.

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